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***Please note this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and the products were purchased with my own money.***

With more and more people wanting to change their eating habits for the better, it’s become apparent to me through my interactions with you all that MANY of you think that eating healthy = expensive. In this post, I show you how you can buy and eat cheap and healthy whole foods through this Aldi grocery haul. Aldi is a supermarket chain that is known for being budget friendly and for its great deals, and in recent years has incorporated more organic whole foods to cater for the increasing interest in healthy eating.

A friend of mine recently pointed out to me that there’s an Aldi close by to where we live, which I already knew about. But what I couldn’t figure out for the life of me was WHY ON EARTH I wasn’t shopping there because their deals are incredible!

After a little thought, I realised it’s because I’ve become used to groceries being delivered to my house since my hands were full at the time with our little newborn (who’s not so little anymore). But now that I’m wild and free (yeah right), I’ve decided to follow my friend’s wise advice and go back there.

So before I dive straight into my findings, I do need to mention a few factors to point out why this Aldi grocery haul was by no means the usual weekly shop.

  1. We are a large family of six, which is above the national average in the UK, so obviously, I buy a lot of food. Most of you wouldn’t have to spend as much as I did for a week’s worth of food.

  2. It was half term week, so I knew I had to stock up on a lot of snacks to keep the kiddos appeased.

  3. I went with my 15 month old (who was sleeping like an angel in my carrier) and my tired, I’m-too-’old’-to-nap-but-I’m-totally-exhausted threenager, which is in principle shopping under duress. Not the best grocery shopping conditions = some impulse purchases were made.

Now that’s off my chest. Let’s get into it. 

First things first. Since I did end up buying quite a bit of food, I decided to break down this Aldi grocery haul into the following 4 categories to avoid too much information overload:

  1. Pantry

  2. Fridge/freezer + meat

  3. Fresh produce

  4. Snacks

I will also discuss with you the pros and cons of shopping with Aldi when it comes to how to eat cheap and healthy towards the end of this post, as well as how to make the most out of your grocery shop there. 

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Here’s a list of what I bought to stock my pantry:

Butter beans x2 £0.33 each

Wholemeal spaghetti x1 £0.39

Organic soybean spaghetti x1 £1.99

Organic muesli x1 £1.39

Brazil nuts x1 £1.85

Organic oats x2 £1.49 each

Pure maple syrup x1 £3.49

Peanut butter x3 £1.25 each

Almond butter x2 £1.99 each

Extra virgin olive oil x1 £3.79

Organic apple cider vinegar with the mother x1 £1.99

Passata x4 £0.35 each

Organic extra virgin coconut oil x1 £1.99

Dark soy sauce x1 £0.42

Brown rice (not pictured) x2 £0.99 each

Tuna chunks in brine x 1 (on a separate receipt which I lost!)

Mackerel in brine x2 (on a separate receipt which I lost!)

As you can see some of their deals are out of this world (check the price tags on the apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, both nut butters and brazil nuts!). This is what makes going to Aldi worthwhile for me. Things like organic coconut oil are never less than £4.99 anywhere else (and that’s as good as it gets out there, so definitely stock up on those).

Some faves:

I’ve never really tried soybean spaghetti before, and I thought it was pretty tasty and filling! The kids liked it too, so definitely looking to buy that again. A lot of people are concerned with soy products being bad for our hormones etc, but recent research suggests otherwise (Japanese people eat it all the time, and they have one of the largest elderly population in the world). It’s a good source of plant based protein as long as it’s not processed and is non-GM (hence organic). 

The apple cider vinegar is such a good price, I’d be an idiot not to make it a staple. I use it for so many things like baking, dressings and for my beauty regime too. Check out my post where I talk more about the top 9 benefits of using apple cider vinegar

The peanut and almond butters were reaaally good. Both contained only peanuts/almonds and a bit of sea salt which is how I like it, and no palm oil. The almond butter is pricier and smaller, so I’ll be buying that occasionally. 

Brazil nuts are usually pricey, so I don’t buy them often. But they rank as one of the (if not THE) highest foods for selenium, which is crucial for improving mood and fighting inflammation. All you need are couple of nuts a day to meet the daily requirement (so good for postpartum health for all you mamas). So with that said i’m totally BUYING IIIIIIT. 

What I won’t be buying again:

The wholewheat spaghetti, only because it’s not organic. Wheat tends to be a heavily sprayed crop so I like to avoid it if I can, also the gluten makes me just a little bloated. And since I’ve found the soybean spaghetti instead, we’re all happy to have it. 

The tuna was an impulse buy as I needed change for the trolly (all the lols, of all the things I could have chosen?!). Mackerel is a more sustainable option and is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, and the kids LOVED IT. Especially with pasta.

 Muesli was another impulse buy, I just saw organic on the label and put it in my trolley with no further thought. I’m not a fan of muesli in general as I think it tastes like sawdust. Give me oats and porridge instead any day.

 Soy Sauce, also not a good choice for the very reasons I mentioned above about soybean products being processed & GM.

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Fish fingers x5 £0.69 each

Chips x1 £0.99

King prawns x2 £1.79 each

Sweet potato burgers x1 £1.49

Beetroot burgers x1 £1.49

Marinated tomatoes x1 £1.49

 Some faves:

The sweet potato and beetroot burgers were really good! What’s even more exciting about them is that they have ZERO additives and preservatives. So this here is plant based convenience food at its finest. Bravo Aldi! And at £1.49 each, they are definitely gonna be a staple at my house. If only they were organic...that would be amazing.  

Responsibly sourced king prawns at £1.79 is also what dreams are made of. 

What I won’t be buying again:

Nothing. Although cutting back on how many packs of fish fingers per week is definitely on my agenda (again, half term with the kids being home and with a threenager in tow, I just went for it). Cod is not a sustainable fish anymore, and neither are these fish fingers responsibly sourced, so they’re not my favourite thing but with a tight budget, it’s a struggle sometimes to be an ethical consumer. #realitycheck

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 Organic eggs x5 £1.29 each

Cavolo nero (black kale) x1 £0.65

Sweet potatoes x1 £0.95

Bananas x3 £0.88 each

Butternut squash x1 £0.97

Aubergines x3 £0.67 each

Avocados x3 £0.97 each

Easy peelers x3 £0.97 each

Potatoes x1 £1.79

Organic mushrooms x1 £0.87

Organic carrots x1 £0.85

Some faves:

Organic produce like bananas, mushrooms, carrots and eggs. I felt like emptying all their organic stock and walking out like a boss. 

What I won’t be buying again:

I can’t say I won’t buy non organic fresh produce from them again. But I do prefer organic veg boxes in general.

A couple of things that I don’t like is the amount of unnecessary plastic the veg comes with, and the lack of organic veg/fruit available. I think Aldi can do better in both fronts.

But if you’re budget is tight and you can’t afford to shop elsewhere, my suggestion is that you buy veg that has thick skin and peel it off, to reduce your pesticide intake, which is why I avoided things like apples and berries. Bananas, avocados, butternut squash and satsumas/easy peelers are a good choice. Alternatively you can soak your fruit and veggies in a vinegar bath which aids in removing the pesticides from your produce (see my post on apple cider vinegar for more deets).

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Organic rice cakes x2 £0.52 each

Root vegetable crisps x2 £0.85 each

Paleo wholefood bars x1 £1.99

Fruit bars x1 £1.49

 Some faves:

The paleo bars (as well as the pecan pie and cashew crunch bars pictured, the prices for those were also on the receipt I lost, sorry!) were really really good! And since they have nuts and no additives, they’re great as a snack for all of us. 

What I won’t be buying again:

Fruit bars were an impulse purchase, they’re high in sugar and I prefer my kids just eat fruit naturally.  

The rice cakes were for my 15 month old, she initially enjoyed them and quickly got tired of them so I won’t be getting them again. Although my older kids enjoyed finishing them for her, so I might change my mind on that one...

Total Spend: £80.18



On average a family of 6 should have an approximate grocery budget of £550 per month (anything between £400 to £550 is realistic, also depending on the age of children), making it a weekly budget of £137.50. So as you can see with this Aldi grocery haul, we were waaaay below budget, and that was with half term in mind where the kids were eating at home with us and not school (so far 2 out of 4 of them have free school meals which cuts down on our grocery budget significantly). 

This gives me some extra cash to buy things that I need that I can’t find in Aldi which I’ll discuss below. 

Aldi has incredible deals, and if you go there on a regular basis then look around and you’ll find some gems in there that will help keep your budget low and achieve eating cheap and healthy food.  If you’re looking budget friendly meal ideas, check out this cheap and cheerful parsnip soup recipe.


There were some  items that I personally consider as a necessity that I just couldn’t find in Aldi. Things like organic meat, organic dairy, organic bread, pulses and beans were just not available, which means I have to shop elsewhere to get what I need which is frustrating. But if you’re looking to stick to a budget you have to do the work to make it work! So an option is to buy the other items you need in bulk once a month and keep in the freezer or pantry depending on what it you are buying.

If Aldi can manage to include more wholefoods and organic fresh produce it would be a fantastic one stop shop and can ultimately help a large sum of the population to eat wholefoods for less! But as it stands, I think it’s a great start and can’t wait to see how things improve. I for one will be going there on a regular basis from now on.

Will you be going to shop there regularly? Or if you’re a regular customer, what do you think of the Aldi grocery haul? Have I missed any other great deals?

Hit me up via email or you can find me on Instagram and Facebook, would love to hear from you!


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