Personal Coaching Package

Personal Coaching Package

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6 Week Healthy Eating Coaching Package

In these 4 sessions, I’ll teach you how to transition from a diet that primarily focuses on processed foods to more natural, wholesome foods.

Recipes, meal plans and shopping lists included!

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  • You will be sent a detailed questionnaire prior to our sessions that you will do in your own time. That way we can maximise the time that we do have together.

  • You will then keep a food diary for 1 week prior to us starting, that will give a clear picture of where you are with your eating habits.

  • The coaching program will run for 6 weeks, with one week off after the third week and another week off after the fifth week to give you time to process and implement everything that you have been learning.

  • We will speak for the duration of one hour every week (with the exception of the two weeks off mentioned above).

  • We will discuss what foods you (and your family for the family package! But more on that below) like and dislike and find ways to introduce a wider range of nutrient rich foods to your diet.

  • We will work with your budget, routine and how much time you have to prepare meals by yourself (your lifestyle).

  • You will be provided with bespoke meal plans that include recipes and shopping lists, to remove all the guesswork and brain power from cooking healthy delicious meals.