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How To Eat Organic food On A Budget

With the rise of talk on sustainability, the health of our planet and public health, going organic is peaking up on people’s radars. Why eat organic food? What are the benefits of going organic? And how could you possibly afford it, especially when you have a family? Can you eat organic food on a budget? These are some of the questions that I’ve been faced with multiple times over and I thought it was high time I wrote a blog post about it and answered some of these key questions.

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10 Tips for a Healthy and Stress Free Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas for sooo many reasons, and a lot of it has to do with my faith obviously, but I also love that we still get some time to slow down and enjoy just being family in a world that is increasingly leaning towards capitalism with an obsession for productivity.

The truth is that it SHOULD be a time for stress free rest and rejuvenation, but the reality for so many of us is a far cry from that. I think I read somewhere that more family tensions and breakdowns happen during Christmas (don’t quote me on that), and it’s totally understandable!

And then there’s the food and all the indulgence that comes with it! Now by all means, Christmas only happens once a year and I 100% believe that you should eat whatever makes you happy! Not gonna tell you to restrict yourselves here. Buuuut, if eating whatever you want results in you having indigestion and feeling sluggard afterwards, then I think it’s worth exploring a better way to strategise around that *wink wink*.   

So instead of coming up with a Christmas recipe this year, I thought it would be more worthwhile to give you some tips for a healthy & stress free Christmas.

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