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Bare Minerals Makeup Haul Review

I’m definitely not a beauty guru by any means (just thought I should put that out there), but when it comes to makeup it’s another area in our lives as women where we can totally forget about the toxins and chemical content of what goes onto our bodies. So even though this review is about my personal makeup haul, I really believe writing this post is in your best interest (I got you girl *wink*).

It can be quite overwhelming to think about HOW MUCH STUFF we put on ourselves everyday without even giving it a second thought! (It’s because of this exact reason that I started making some of my own homemade beauty products like this homemade shea body butter recipe). But before you run off and throw away your entire makeup kit (just put that foundation down for a sec alright?!), hear me out.

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po-ten-cy review

I arranged to meet Zoe, the super talented girl boss (who's an absolute babe) behind PO-TEN-CY, after reaching out on Instagram and she agreed to bring along some samples of her yummy food (I love my life) to try out. We got talking and getting to know each other, and I thought I would let you hear straight from her, since I think its important to bridge the gap between our food and where/who it comes from.

"Following a lifelong love of food having been born into a family of restaurateurs, my interest in holistic nutrition began when my son was born. I quickly noticed that what I was eating had a profound effect on my son’s digestion whilst we were breastfeeding. Food (and plenty of love) soon became my main focus on giving him the best start in life.

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Rude Health Almond Drink Review

I could not think of a better product to kick off my reviews than this drink which is a staple in my house.

Ladies I present to you...Rude Health Almond Drink.

I can't recommend this drink enough! This is coming from someone who is lactose-intolerant (which I just found out in 2016), so having a milk alternative that I don't have to make myself everyday/week is such a breath of fresh air. I NEED it to live. The End.

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