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Hey girl. Do you want to live a healthy, holistic life but are just too busy to figure it all out?

I know exactly how you feel! 

Earth & Spoon was birthed for busy women (yep like you!), who are looking to take back control of their health by transforming their lifestyle from heavily processed foods and products to organic, wholesome and errthang free foods and products (ok, just toxins, chemicals and useless processing).

Aaand since you got your hands full with responsibility - climbing the career ladder, kiddos and what not - I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there concerning what's healthy and what's not, then trying to incorporate that health jargon into real life. After all, we are REAL people with so many things pulling us in different directions.

Trust me, being a mama of 3 littles (with another one on the way) and a part time job, I can totally relate. But if I can do it (most days), you best believe you can! *spud*

My hope and aim is that Earth & Spoon will help inspire you to better health and help you see that having a healthy lifestyle isn't restrictive, but that it can be abundant, fun and simple! It's important for me to point out that I am not a qualified dietitian or nutritionist, I purely blog out of experience and I do my best to research the most credible evidence based information that I can get my hands on. So if you have any medical conditions please please make sure you consult a qualified health professional. Ya?

If any of the statements below describe you well, then this blog is so for you:

  • You have a hard time believing that eating healthy can be incredibly delish.

  • You constantly feel fatigued or have low energy levels.

  • You've tried diets for most of your life resulting in epic failure.

  • You suffer with stuff like bloating, excess weight, acne, constipation, thrush, cavities, dandruff, eczema, etc...

  • You always need a sweet treat after a meal to perk up your energy levels.

  • You feel like you need a degree to figure out what's in your food.

  • You're concerned that you have a future of ‘age related’ illnesses to look forward to such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, dementia, etc...

  • You're generally discontent with your quality of life, emotional/mental health and stress levels.

Sounds like you? Well then...

*plays Mariah Carey*


Ok. Now that we've established that this should be your second abode, here’s some of what you can expect from this blog:

  • Simple informative articles that empower you to take back control of your health.

  • How to decode ingredient labels, so you are always on top of the game.

  • Easy & quick to prepare recipes (coz ain’t nobody got time fo dat).

  • Tutorials & DIY articles.

  • Tips, tricks & hacks to holistic living that you can incorporate into your super busy life.

  • Natural remedies for common ailments.

  • Product reviews for those of you who are just way too busy to DIY.

  • A community of other like minded, supportive, kick-backside ladies who are on the same journey to wellness.

In fact, I’ve already written some posts that I think you would really like, like this one about 5 Reasons That Make Eating Healthy Seem Hard or this one on Why Clean Eating Is The Real Deal

Here’s the thing, I am super passionate about holistic living, and have already been pursuing it for my personal health and the well being of my family. So most of what you find on this blog is mainly gonna be shared from personal experience. 

I definitely haven’t got it all figured out and I’m still learning, which is totally the fun part for me! And hey, if you have your own two pence to add, then by all means, be my guest and share the knowledge on our Facebook community the Earth And Spoon Lounge. This is all about creating a space for girlfriends to help each other out. So let’s spread the lurrv! Knowledge is power.


so who's behind this earth & spoon thing?


Moi. I’m Sahar. Pronounce it however you deem fit, the actual pronunciation of my Arabic name consists of sounds that do not exist in the English alphabet. *queue throat gargling*

Living in my favourite place in the world, London, UK. Married to my favourite human being in the universe, Andrew, with our four little comedians Orel, Jesse, Raphy and Elise.

We both love people, and when we aren’t busy parenting or living healthy (and blogging about in my case), we both pastor at a London based church.  I'm also a songwriter and sing with my church band LCF Music whenever time allows. Andrew also happens to run a creative media business called Kairos Creative, so all the photography and branding for Earth & Spoon is done by my talented stud hub. 

My health journey began way back in 2007, not intentionally actually, I sort of just stumbled across it. I had an incredibly sweet tooth and my diet consisted of carbs upon carbs. I was rocking the rubber-tyre-around-my-waist look, had cavities galore, dandruff, low energy, acne, constipation and suffered with recurring yeast infections.

Then I decided to do a Daniel fast for 6 weeks, which is in essence going vegan. I did it with my husband Andrew (boyfriend at the time) and his sister. It was INCREDIBLY tough to begin with, but by the end of it, all of the symptoms I mentioned above were gone. Even the rubber tyre - Wehey! 

I didn't instantly become a health junkie, it's been a lot more gradual than that to be totally honest. Every time I did the Daniel fast after that, I would make a positive change like eat more veg, make my own desserts, quit refined sugar and finally quit dairy (only because it doesn't agree with me).

More recently however, I started doing my own research into holistic living and it became clear that the main reason our society struggles with so many illnesses and ailments is because of bad food and lifestyle choices.

I was further shocked by the fact that our health system does not take a preventative approach to these illnesses and treats holistic medicine and nutrition as an appendage, rather than a real practical solution. A clear picture began to form in my mind. I needed to take control of my health and the health of my loved ones.

On the other hand, with the growing size of our family, and a humble fixed income, we struggled to make healthy living work, as we found buying wholesome, organic foods and products were quite pricey. Consequently, I had to learn how to be resourceful with my money and time, and came up with hacks and practical ways to make it work. That’s when I decided to launch Earth & Spoon, as a way for me to pursue our health goals and provide an extra income to sustain our healthy living dream!

The best part of it all is I get to encourage and hopefully inspire all you amazing ladies to make better choices regarding your health so that you can be the best version of yourself and have a great quality of life with your loved ones.

I’m so impressed that you have actually read everything I’ve had to say up to this point. And you know what? I have a feeling that you & I will be getting on very well girlfriend. Let’s keep in touch. K?